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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Review for Blogger's New 'User Interface' Theme

It's August 31st 2011 and i just saw that Blogger has changed it's 'User Interface'. It have been inspired by Google+ and Gmail's interface. After a decade i have found an upgrade to blogger, for some time my passion from blogger had reduced cause i got patched up with 'WordPress'. Yesterday i was thinking that blogger has kept everything as it is and yes, the wish was granted for me and i feel lucky. At the last i found a upgrade for User Interface.

A look at the New Interface

When you will try out the new blogger, you will see that the links does not have any connection to the older interface. I see everything white, Orange and Black colored. Here's the 'Preview' for the Dashboard:- 

Look at the Posting Interface  
The posting interface is the one update which i liked the most, earlier it was like a sticked freak type page, now its better. Everything is changed. At the right side you will see the options for 'Post Settings'. Have a preview for it:-

Look at the 'View Posts' Interface  
The earlier Algorithm and this one matches to an extinct. The posts and its tags are placed similarly. At the left side bar, you will see the comments, pages, layouts, earnings tabs for the blog that you are using. Here is the preview for 'view posts':-

These were just the main overheads for the new Interface of Blogger, everything is being updated, from 'Statistics' to 'layouts' everything is being changed and it looks awesome. I must agree that the white color that Google has chosen its default color rocks. There was some problem in the status bar while uploading a picture for blogger, i have given a note for Blogger Technicians. This is a minor problem and will be solved in minutes.

Don't see the pictures here, go to your Blogger account and feel the birth. Thanks for reading. This is GuJJu Freak.


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