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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Applying for Admission in Engineering Online - Procedure

As you know few days back i had written and article about 'Finished Diploma, now pursue Engineering.' After that article i even wrote some of the other threads, that's all natural Shares.

So, you must be knowing that we have to fill online forms for admission in engineering (in mumbai). Its a 'mandatory' procedure and a must if you want admission. We can simply call it as its official.

The Procedure (For Mumbai Diplomat's):-
1)   1st of all you need to buy the brochure from the respected 'ARC centers' (application for receipt centers). They will give you the tool kit with the unique id and password. They will give you the receipt too. NOTE that the brochure will cost 500 Rs for open category guys and 400 Rs for reserved category students.
 2)   Now 'Log in' to your fresh new account, change the necessary password, write down the receipt number. You will just need to simply write down the your 'Personal information'. Write down your address, Percentage in SSC and of final year diploma. It's really simple and i had finished it in 1 minute.
    3)   The thing that will make you run is the photo uploading part, you have to upload your pic with the unique sign of yours, the information how to do it is itself given in the toolkit. Stick your pic and sign. Scan it, crop it and upload it to the dte site.
    4)   Then just take the print out of the final copy and run to the ARC center. Take the xerox of all the necessary documents given below in the form. Don't forget to attest it. Originals is the must, domicile certificate depends only if you are not born in Maharashtra example 'ME'.
      5)   Now in the ARC, today i went to submit and there was a hell of line, whole crowd was accumulated in the ARC center. It took me 7 hours to submit the form, everything goes right and they give you the receipt.

      The worst thing is that the servers were down for load of 6 hours. I though it was me who was suffering with this problem, be soon came to know that the whole sever database is not responding for the pings. I hope they will sort of such small problems.

      This article was for Mumbai diplomat's. I don't know about the other states and their rules, it must be same i suppose.

      Any problem the please don't forget to comment, i hear it.


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