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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mass Facebook Friends Adding - Make Lots of friends on Facebook with Short Time

I have seen a lot of friends on Facebook and on Forums too that they are crazy about Facebook, and they always have a race about who has the more number of Facebook friends. Even if they friends are unknown, it really wouldn't use to matter, such type of real incident had happened when we were in School. The matter of the fact is that everything has been changed and now i have become quite mature.

Still, kids and somewhat like me teenagers like to make huge friends list on facebook, for that reason i have made this article where i will tell you how to successfully 'add a lot of decent friends to your facebook account'.

The Steps are as follows:-

1) First of all 'Log in' to your facebook account and simply click on friends as shown in the picture below:-

2) Now as you click on 'Friends' you will find a new sub-category as 'find friends'. I am showing image cause all guys may not be sitting on internet as we do. So you need to click on find friends as show in the image below:-

3) Now, as you click on 'Find Friends', a new page will appear which will give you information about how to add your external friends to facebook. note that the friends you are going to invite, he/she must be a member of facebook. Now you need to add friends as applicable. I am going to tell you how to add friends via uploading the 'Contact File'. Click on 'Other Tools' and then again click on 'Choose File', the directions to do is as shown in the picture below:-

You have to upload the file which has the email list of whom you want to add your friends on Facebook.
The email list can be found on internet. I want to lessen your work and will give you a simple list of email.

We are not responsible for misuse of this email list.

Be sure, that this is only a single method, you can also add friends through email. Enjoy gaining your lots of facebook friends.

This article is for those who 'love to add more facebook' friends like me. :)


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