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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tutorial - Disable or Remove the Dial-Up Connection or any Network Connection from Windows 7

This is a very rare problem you guys will face with windows 7. One of the disadvantage of Windows 7 is that things are not placed where they must be or they don't exist when you find it. You need to search it through the 'Start' option. I am sharing the tutorial with you cause even i faced this problem and thought why not share it with other guys. :)

So today the Tutorial will be about how to remove the Dial-Up connection or any connection that exists in your computer with the OS installed in it- 'Windows 7'.

Tutorial is as Follows:-

1)   Go to 'Start' and type in the search bar 'View network connections'. Now press on the 1st option you got after searching, press 'view network connections'. See the picture below:- 

2)   Now a new window will appear in which all network connections will be shown. Now you can 'Disable' any network connection or you can delete the same. I want to delete my own mate network connection. So 'right click' on it and click 'Delete' and the connection will be deleted.

Please be sure that you don't delete the default network connections which connect you computer to the internet. That's why, for deleting and disabling any network connection, you will require 'Administrator Rights'

This was another tutorial by GuJJu, please don't resist to ask any questions related to this copy.


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