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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reduce your Sore Eyes Illness with F.lux’s Time-Sensitive Lighting

You stick to your Computer for more than 8 Hours a day. Yes there is a harm for that, you may have sore eyes, sleeping disorders etc. And you love your eyes, everybody for sure sake does it.

So a simple small software will help to clear your problem related to 'Sore Eyes'. The application named "F.lux" will help with it. You can download it official from 'HERE'.

What will F.lux Do???

F.lux is a small software that will change the Display color of your Monitor with respect to the time of your Computer. The color changing pattern also depends on your 'Geolocation'. At the morning time the color of your computer Display will be normal. Slight changes can be seen. But default for daylight, it's your original color. as it turns to evening and night, the display color will change to 'Halogen'. You can change in how much quantity do you want change to happen in daylight and in night.

An extra option is that if F.lux is unable to detect your Geo location then you can click on 'Change Settings' and then click on 'set loaction'. Now click on locate. Now just type in which city you live in. The altitudes will appear. Simply copy and paste. That's it!

Previewing F.lux

I am using it before 2 hours. Well, right now it's afternoon, i am expecting to see magic in evening. Note that i don't have Sore Eyes. But the application is cute and loving. Why hesitate to try it??


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