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Saturday, August 20, 2011

German State Bans Facebook 'Like' Button

'Schleswig-Holstein' is a state of Germany. The data protection commissioner 'Thilo Weicher' has ordered all states to remove facebook "Like" button from the site facebook. This action was being taken by the commissioner on the fact that 'Facebook builds profiles of users and non-users alike with the "like" button's data'. As this violates the laws of germany, this action was taken. If facebook fails to remove the "Like" button then they may face fines up-to '50,000 euros'.

The commissioner has give 30th September the last date to remove all facebook "like" button's within the the state. This action was being taken as the analysis were done in the offices of the data protection center.

Facebook's Response on this Issue

Facebook Denies the claims of commissioner 'Weicher' giving a response that Facebook's "Like" button is compatible with European Union data protections standards. Facebook also claims that Facebook "Like" button only records the IP addresses of the users who are not part of Facebook, these records are even automatically deleted after 90 days.
European Unions have very strict laws. This means that Germany doesn't want to take chance with any harm caused to the profiles of actual persons. Germany and many countries including India had raised voice against Banning Facebook throughout the country. So Facebook always have to stay under the hook.


Didn't even knew that there r such kind of laws,bt i dnt think FB gonna remove it . Its benchmark thing for FB

they don't have any chance, they have to remove or else pay the penalty.

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