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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learning Photoshop, want to show you all far i have Reached

I am learning Photoshop cs5 from past 2 months back, it's real fun. If you don't have any work, then 'photoshop' is the word which will come in your mind utterly.

When you try 'photoshop cs5' 1st time, i bet you aren't going to know what the hell is it. But, as you roam around inside the software it's going to be fun i bet. You try to do some anime banners. I will work.
Then i tried to watch the tutorials online, but i never followed them.

I have done practice in Photoshop cs5. I want to show what i have done:-

Well, these are some of the Experience of mine with Photoshop. Yep, i love to make wallpapers, but now i will try with some thing else, 3D wallpapers, still going to stick with wallpapers, photoshop for me is like fun, nothing will be attached to me with future.

Will update this thread when i have some more of these. :)


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