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Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Create Facebook Fan Page Url | Username

Seen many Facebook Users which have their facebook fan pages, they have good Fans but they are not able to modify the Fan Page Information. An example for long length of Fan page :- So in this Article i will explain you how to Create Fan Page URL or Username.

Step 1

You will have to visit this facebook link:-

Step 2

Now select the page for which you want a desired username. Hence, i will shorten your URL. Do as given in the image below:-

Step 3

Now type in the desired name you want for your Fan Page. Check if the name is available or now. If not then bad luck, if it is then awesome go forward with it. Now confirm that you are willing to get the name for your Fan Page.

Now go check your fan page if the URL is activated or not. I will check mine and show you the proof.

Don't forget to share it to Facebook, our ethics is for share not keeping information to yourself.  


Thanks for letting me know about other good stuff! I didn't know how to do this before.

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