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Thursday, August 25, 2011

It seems my Laptop is no more Sick.

For you too your Computer is like a family member. I don't mind if you don't but i do. I love my laptop the most after my Father and Mother. I do various works on my laptop. A computer without Internet is worthless so i do have to research and work with my projects.

Few weeks back i had chosen to learn 'RAT'ing' (Remote Administration tools). And if you want to learn RAT then the best place is HackForums which is my 2nd home on internet. It is one of the best online forums for hacking. I am a reputed member and joined from 2010 i.e., almost a year. 

RAT simply means remotely accessing other's computer. So in technical language it can be called as 'Hacking'. I learned it and downloaded the 'Cybergate' free RAT version. I installed it, being a hacker rule is that you must not have anti viruses running, cause it may delete your RAT's and hack stuff. 

My computer got infected as follows:- I installed the RAT version, as you run the software as the final it will produce a server will the other victim if he opens in his computer i will be able to access, so it means he is hacked. Now the software produces the server, the is detectable by other anti viruses so i crypted it and distributed it. For checking that my RAT works or not i installed it on my self. I got hacked my self by me. Now i also started getting victims, hacked some classmates via  Social Engineering. LOL, for no reason i again installed the server i got hacked twice. 

Now my Laptop got fever, damn took almost a minute to start. Hang up during downloads and many factors cause of RAT. I just didn't borther it cause i was having fun with the victims i had made. 

Past few days before i got RAT'd by some other guy, he hacked me and yesterday i felt that that's it! Now i have to reset my PC. Installed Windows 7 Ultimate version which was being given to me by friend 'Nuclearrambo'. 

Typing this article for you and yes, my laptop is no more Sick.


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