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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Content from your Blog is being leeched? Google fights for it!!

We are the real Bloggers who love to share the technolics to the world. We take real pains to type, write and think. Take pain to design. But you know there are some guys who love to be dependent on others, example:- the guys who leech your website's content and directly post it into your site.

What will they Gain??

They are blackhatter's and know some tricks by which the real content blog fails to go up and spammer's website get's the big piece of cake. This is like mine work and your money. Yes, i am not joking. This thing is happened many times when big sites leech content of small sites and hence they get indexed at better and higher rates.

Google's Fight

Google was and will be against such leecher's who hate to work and are always dependent on other's painful work. Google's web spam chief Matt Cutts is also serious about this matter cause many bloggers are disappointed with this problem. Matt Cutts twitted that 'Scrapers getting you down? Tell us about blog scrapers you see... We need datapoints for testing'. So means the next project is surely going to ban spam content from Google.

What to do if somebody is Leeching your website Content??

Well, if you know that a website is leeching your blog's content then you can report it Officially 'HERE'. As noted above they will use the link for testing purpose and guarantee your leecher's blog wont be seen in google in future days.

Past Fails of Google

We know that Google changes it Algorithm in very short period of time, the algorithm's are kept at top secret. As not designed precisely, the leechers used to get better rankings rather than the original website content bloggers. So Google came up with the new project 'Panda' a project for reducing spam contents, but Panda didn't prove better for bloggers. Now they have come up with 'Panda 2.2' by which they promise for better improvements in reducing spammed content. As the next Panda version releases, leeched content issue will be rescued till a far valley. 


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