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Friday, September 2, 2011

Send Unlimited Free SMS in India without Registeration

'SMS' is acting as a medium of Chat for Teenagers like me and what if you don't have a computer at your home, so how will you stay connected? My friend, the earth revolves totally in 24 hours, technology changes everyday and getting modified for better and better use.

Yes, you have heard true, If you are in India and want to send SMS without any penny then 'Whozzat' is perfect for you. You can surely get internet access to your mobile phone for sure, guys live on facebook through mobile so mobile internet is the must.

Free SMS without Registration
I am the man of my word, you don't need to register on the website, just 'login' via Facebook. Yeah, now that's pretty simple mates. Writing name, sex, mobile number, email doesn't take even a full minute.

As you logged in, now you can send Unlimited SMS to Indian Mobile users. The maximum character limit must be approximately 120 characters, but i know you can solve below that level.

NOTE:- This method only and only works in India, if you are facing any problem then post below. I might give a try!


I live in london but most of my relatives lives in India so i am looking for that calling cards which would be beneficial to make cheap Unlimited Call to India

nice share!
Here is another useful free sms without registration site with no ads in sms:

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i am overwhelmed by the response, will post new blogs soon enough.

I wanted to know how to make Unlimited Calls to India from Australia, which offers free registration and reliable, clear connections?

I am looking for a reliable connection for International calling which offers Unlimited Call to India from canada without any hidden fees or connection charges. Can anyone suggest me something?

I like the article on the topic due to this reason it is seen that other readers are showing their interest by commenting on it.
Send SMS to india

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