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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogger 'Publish Post' not working?? - We know what is Faulty!!

As you can see our Previous Article was about 'Blogger's 'Publish Post' not working?? - Solution is Here'. The Solution that i had given in that Article is absolutely correct and hence your blogger posting will work. The solution that i had provided in that article was about using the older version of blogger posting, as i had limitations for posting, i didn't use it today.

So, we have got the solution why you are facing problem with 'my publish post is not working' | 'my article is not getting auto-saved' etc.. types of reasons.

So, solution is that 'Simply don't use Google Chrome!!', yep i know this would be sounding fishy, but yes, there  is a problem with Google Chrome, so i was tired that my none of the article was working on a new blogger posting.

I tried for going with 'Mozilla Firefox'and pretty amazed that my blogger is working smooth as charm. Everything is working fine as i used to be.

So, what you must do??.  Stop, using Google Chrome for some days, as the technicians will be updating the patches for the injuries caused to Blogger, nothing wrong with the site, problem is with 'Google Chrome'.


Few weeks back i too experienced similar problem..Now its resolved are the best! I haven't been able to post for months. Thanks!!!

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