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Saturday, August 13, 2011

View 'Page Source' without any Right Click to the Website

So you are viewing this page cause you are not getting access to a site as the 'right clicking' is disabled in it. Yeah, i have seen lots of site where they don't want their content to be leeched so they put a script by which right click get disabled in the website. But you are eager to find what's the source and you come here.

I want to give you an example of a site having disabled right click script. The website is The image below shows the script how bulges out when i 'right click' at the website.

How to view page source with out a right click??

1)   You must have mozilla firefox web browser. Now you will need to download a plug-in known as 'Firebug'. Firebug is a small and simple extension which scans the website sources and will show what is related to which source. Download firebug plug-in from Here. Now simply install that small device and restart the firefox browser so it is ready to work.

2)   Now go to the page where 'right clicking' is disabled. Click on 'firefox' which is on the very left side at the top. Now click on 'Web Developer' and then click on 'view page source'. A new window will open out with the page source of the website. Do it as given in the image below:-

Don't get irritated when you don't get access to a website's source code, you will find this tutorial in any time.
I wrote this article cause i wanted the script of the defaced websites which were done by some hackers.

Enjoy the insider Codes!!


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