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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Google gets 'Pwned' by Yahoo and Bing in Search Success Rate

Want to search something?? And you want exactly what you desire, i know your 1st thing in mind will come about 'simply google it', but no this won't give you 100% results for what you are looking for. We suggest you go with Yahoo or Bing. Why am i saying this?? Read the full article and later you will agree with my point.

Experian Hitwise which conducted the experiments about which search engines gives better search success rates and which search engines are getting percentage of traffic. We can say that distinguishing factors between the top 'Search Engines'.

Percentage of US searches among the leading Search Engines

'Experian Hitwise' reports says that in June 2011 Google accounted 67.12% traffic according to the US searches. In the next month a drop of 2% was being measured in it. Bing received 27.68% traffic from US and by the next month there was an astonishing increment of 1%. Yahoo in June 2011 got traffic percentage of 14.49% and gave a incrementation of 4% by the month of July.

Success Rates among the Leading Search Engines
Now talking about the Success rate's for the search keywords with respected the the Search Engines, Yahoo surprisingly in the month of June 2011 gave 81.63% of success rate with no change in next month. Bing even gave surprisingly 80.60% of success rate in June 2011 and measured a drop in the next month with 1%. Shocking thing is that Google ranked 1 search engine in the whole world gave only 66.63% of success in search results with a 1% of increase in the proceeding month.

I am amazed for Yahoo and Bing, but truly shocked for Google cause it get's 67% of total traffic from US and still they fail bad to get people what they are looking for. They must learn from Yahoo and Bing.


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