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Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Deactivate | Delete your facebook account Forever - Tutorial

Never must have thought that why would i delete my own 'Facebook account'. Yeah, even i use world's 2nd ranked website 'Facebook'. But this tutorial will still be used by the visitors of our Blog. From 100% facebook users, there must be 1% or less than 1% whose would wish to delete their facebook account permanently, this Tutorial is devoted for them.

Steps to Delete your Facebook Account:-

1)   Go to your facebook account, at the 'very right side corner', Click on 'Account'. Then you will see some Sub-links. Click on 'Account Settings'. Do it as shown in the picture below:-

2)   Now a new window will appear, now on left hand side, you will find some links. Click on 'Security'. As you click on it, some information will be unleashed. On the middle of the page, more sub-links will be show. There you will find 'Deactivate your account'. Do it as shown in the image below:-

3) Now just simply fill the info why you want to delete your Facebook account, just write any thing, ultimately your account will be 'deleted permanently'. I don't think i must explain it with the images.

This was another Tutorial from GuJJu Freak. If you have any questions related to this article then please be sure you comment.


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