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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finished Diploma, now pursue Engineering

Hello folks, this is 'GuJJu' again. At the last i have finished my last year of diploma. The last year was more fun rather than the 2 years. Yes, it was my 3rd year and my Average percentage goes to 81.28%. I am quite satisfied from what i have got, i didn't expect to get those overwhelming marks, but yeah i am really happy with it. It is a phrase that 'You must be happy in what you have'.

The 3 years of diploma was fun and learned many things of Science & Technology and too of the surrounding Environment. I have many of my friends as Classmates. I have less friends in real life. That's why you will always find me online here and mostly on HF '(HackForums)'. There is one of my classmate who has too hobby of staying online and extracting information. He is Nuclearrambo '(Salil Tembe)'.

True fully, he is the only friend online from my Real Life who knows what i do and i know what he does Online. We do some services, Selling of eBooks etc. Going off-topic from my real Article Title.

Well, if you don't know in future i am going to go with SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing etc. So for degree i have choose 'Computers' stream. But let me tell you, getting Admissions in digree is not an easy cake. The college selections are done online and CAP rounds are made out by which we will get admissions in particular college.

There are basically 3 CAP rounds and within 1st Round, i suppose i must get any college and henceforth if i get admission in a college, then i have to verify it by filling fees and documents.

Well, i am gonna go with comps, cause i have chosen my future. This was a simple article about my completion of Diploma and little idea about the Admissions in Degree.


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