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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Earn Good amount of money by just Uploading Files - Sharecash

I gets a lot of friends on MSN, Gmail, Yahoo etc. The 1st thing they ask is that how do you make money and how much money do you make online. Guy's on Internet especially even you have spent almost 6 months on Internet they keep on searching for different methods cause they don't make their own. Making money cannot be found, it's is always discovered by within you.

The 1st time i had made money on Internet was by using the Sharecash site. I had simply made around 35$ in a month and be sure that i was a noob on Internet and even on HF. Well, i am going to explain my simple method by which i had made money. And readers, 35$ and not little for me, it meant me a huge amount, 'i spent that money on services for myself' that's a different part.

Leaving Discussion, lets start off with the method. 1st of all, you need to register to the site called Sharecash

    Now, what is sharecash?? 
Sharecash is a site where you can upload your files so the people you want they download, the visitors to download the file, they have to do a survey auto-generated by that site. Hence, you make money. They pay minimum 60 cents per the survey done.

Method to get the downloads for your file:-

I didn't knew anything how to get the downloads to my files and the only way by which you can get downloads is by placing your download place where tons of visitors can see it.

I had used YouTube, yes YouTube. You need to make a new YouTube account, even if you have one,don't use that cause no guarantee that your account will live or get banned.Now the main part 'how much money am i going to make?' depends upon the niche you select. Always select for some cracks for the software's such as 'HIDE IP crack'. 

'Keylogger software's crack' etc. What my niche was 'neobux autoclicker', 'PTC sites auto clicker'.
More niche such as 'sharecash premium account generator' are fake one's and your YouTube account may get banned if the visitor's FLAG your video.

If you can, then please as you make the video for a niche with the download link in the description, please speak in the video so that visitors think that this is legit. 

Soon, you will get 2 to 3 downloads a day, rinse and repeat the method, 'think out of the box and you will find success'.


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