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Monday, July 11, 2011

Change the Gmail's old Theme into a New Interface Theme.

Few day's ago, Big G Google have launched new Gmail Interface, we can also call it as an type of Theme. As the alert came to my gmail account, i was very excited to very 1st have a look. The advantages of this new gmail theme is that it is purely shows us that the future is in full digital technology. Well, this is my point of view. The new gmail interface looks spacious compared to the older one.

The new interface is being kept along with the other themes, hence you can also call it as a type of theme. My purpose of making this article is that to show you the new gmail interface and will tell if you don't know how to apply it to your current Gmail account.

The steps for applying the new gmail Interface is as follows:-
Log in to your gmail account and then click on options(at the upper right side corner). Click on 'mail settings' as show in the picture.

Now a new window will appear. You will find a lot of tabs with information related to your account. Click on 'themes' as shown in the picture.

Now you will get the themes option for selecting the themes. You can select your desired theme that you want to apply to your gmail account. If you want the new gmail interface then scroll down the page and a bit left side as shown in the picture you will find the new 'gmail Interface' click the theme and voila, you got the new gmail theme.  

This was a small tutorial about how to apply new Gmail Interface. Please comment if you have any questions regarding my tutorial. 


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