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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tutorial - Get your Old Facebook Chat in Ease

Pretty boring isn't it?? The new Facebook chat is boring and i cannot resist anymore. So i started researching on it and at the last, got the method from my best ever from Hackforums. Found it under the 'Hacking Tutorials' section. The credit for the source of this method goes to 'FormerGeek' from HF.

Steps to get your Older Facebook Chat Version:-
1)   Open your 'Mozilla Firefox' web browser and download an Add-on 'Greasemonkey' from Here. Do it as given in the figure below:-

2)   Restart your Firefox, now go to This Link and press 'Install' which will be shown on the right side corner. Do as per given in the picture below:-

3)   That's it, it's done. 'Log in' to your Facebook account and check it out. You must be there with the older version of the chat for Facebook.

Thanks for reading the tutorial, this is 100% legal and you can use it unless facebook hasn't updated the newer version for its 'Chat'.

Comment below if you are facing problem which doing the procedure.


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