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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mircosoft to Halt the Sales of Windows XP 'Forever' after 1000 Days

The news is true and Unbelievable that Microsoft is going to Stop selling Windows XP any more after 1000 days, i.e., approximately after 3 years.

Microsoft started the countdown to the end of X Windows on Monday, July 11, at the end of 1000 days. The company also said it is not any support for the old operating system. Microsoft aims to boost sales of Windows 7, the latest version.

 'Windows XP has been an amazing career and millions of PC users are grateful for that. However, to obtain the AO time,' said Stephen Rose, Microsoft Senior Manager AO community. 'For two reasons: 1 - Improved support for Windows XP running in less than 1000 days and 2 - that an AOS operating system out there that much better than Windows XP AOS'.

The countdown will occur in 2014 and no later than Windows XP users nt receive any support and patches from Microsoft. If these users want to support all those who have to upgrade to Windows seventh

On April 8, 2014, security patches and solutions for all versions of Windows XP is no longer available. So the bottom line, PC, Windows XP, the AM is vulnerable to security threats.

"Many other software vendors are not intended to support their applications on Windows XP, the increased complexity, security risks and results of administrative costs at the end of the extension bill, along with your IT department if you have AORE management for Windows XP, "said Stephen Rose.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is planning the next generation operating system, Windows 8, 2012. The company has recently made a demo of Windows 8 prototype on a Tablet PC and a laptop at the conference of the D9. The interesting feature of Windows 8 is the 'touch interface', the home screen of tiles basis functions.


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