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Sunday, July 10, 2011

About the Author of 'GuJJu Freak'

I am Hitendra Mandaliya, a blogger from Mumbai. Well, i finished my diploma this year and awaiting for my results. I love to stay on internet for a while, even i don't get food to eat, that wont be any worry for me, but the internet connection must not go off. I have 3 to 4 important blogs, that can be found on the below 'blog roll'.

I was disconnected with internet and my Hack Forum friends for almost 3 to 4 months, cause before those days, i used to stay a lot online, cause i wanted to learn SEO badly. As i was a n00b on internet wanted to learn many things and hence 7 to 8 hours a day i was online and spending time chatting and doing Research on SEO. I had my site which was my 1st project. All thanks to my big brother Dinesh Jethva who gave me a push and started doing SEO for that site. I did all possible tactics that i had obtained from my Research.
Gave all my efforts to gain maximum backlinks to that site. The site had more than 60 competitors with the same keyword and which almost same site niche.

I knew i have to do the best, researched my competitors backlinks and their method and soon the result was unleashing, got my site on the 2nd page and was very happy. After 6 to 7 months i was on 1st page. Then at the 10th month, on rank 3 for my desired keyword. I was quite satisfied with my work and knew that my time was not waste in research of SEO. Now, i don't have money to re-register that domain name, at this time i can't purchase that domain cause i have money in my PayPal account, but because of the rules of RBI, we Indians have got great limitations to our account and killing our work on internet.

Now, i am with this blog and trying best to give the community my best work that i have obtained from. This is my 1st Unique article for my blog, soon i am have to purchase a custom domain and will start of with the best, but as i told above PayPal has limited lot of things for Indians so i have to choose some other way to get my custom domain. I have some other blogs, can be seen below in the 'blog roll'.

Well, if you are still reading my article then thanks a lot and please comments will increase my confidence.
Thanks & Regards,
GuJJu Freak


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