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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Index your 'Blog Post' on Search Engines in 5 minutes

I have seen many friends who post their Article or thread but the main thing is that the post doesn't get indexed on the 'Search Engines'. That is one ogf the disadvantage - why my website doesn't get any traffic. If you use blogger | blogspot then your posts will get indexed on Google but what about other search Engines?.

So today i will make you go through the method by which your post will be indexed fast on all search engines. I guarantee you that your post or link will get indexed in most of the search engines.

Ping Factor
The Secret is to ping your link with the online available ping tools. You will find this has crooked but it is really the one by which you can get your website pages indexed fast. Ping Tools will grab your Text and link and will search the search Engines denoting that this link exists. So the web crawler will detect the link, will visit the link and then the post get's indexed.

Some of the Online Ping Tools - One of the best free ping tools available on internet. If you dislike all tools then please atlease ping your post with this one. - Another recommended tool which searches with your submitted link and text. It uses Google, PostRank, Yahoo, Bing, Blogstreet etc. - Autopinger is another tool same as pingomatic, but the difference is that services provided by autopinger is more.

Feed Shark - The very must recommended service Feed shark, if you really a pro pinger, feed shark is the must my friend.

Manually Pinging your link
Now for better results, you will need to change the ip address, means you will have to use proxy and go to search engines, paste the link and search the link, if the link exists go with other engines. The same way do it 2 to 3 times with different proxies and vola it works my friend.

I recommend to manually ping 'Bing' cause it's worth it my friends. So this is how your blog post will get indexed on search engines in minutes.


Thanks for the post...I am looking for this trick only!!!

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