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Monday, August 29, 2011

Facebook Updates with 'Tag Friends' and 'Where are you' Features

As 'Google+' is on the fast train, meanwhile Facebook has updated the system with new features as 'Tag friends' and 'Place' or 'Where are you'. They have also updated the picture viewing format. Now Facebook has a real competition with World's ranked 1 site Google, this will be exciting as 'Google+' and Facebook's Niche is the same. This was a necessary upgrade cause now they have a competition with Google+.

Tag Friends on your Facebook Post's   

You can add or Tag friends to your shared post's on Facebook, i and my friends like this upgrade cause they friends who are tagged will get notifications and they can comment too. Note that now you can also tag friends while commenting in other's post. 

'Where are You' | 'Place' Feature of Facebook 

If you are in other place and want to notify your friends, you can add the place where are you right now, i too love this feature. This wont give any increase in votes and all that factors, but it's a nice improvement. You can only add place in your shared posts. We cannot add place as comments in others posts.

Other Updates 

Earlier Facebook users where complaining that 'Fan Page' suggestions are not working. User's were making threads related to this error. Friends told that there is a bug. I don't agree, they had disabled it for a reason. Now they have activated it and still i don't see friends giving a shot for my fan page. They need to look into this area now.

While making this article my friend (Joel Fernandes) pinged me with the news that they have also changed the template for watching images on Facebook. Earlier it was a simple black colored template, but right now they have changed to while color. I 'Dislike' this upgrade. They have given a shadow shot for distinguishing between the background, but still me and my friends don't like it.

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